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The FACE school day care service has its own web page, on the FACE web site, which is regularly updated: go to That page contains information on rates, regulations, a list of the professional development days, etcetera.

This page contains additional information, covering some of the most frequently asked questions.

My child is enrolled via the EMSB, can they go to the FACE day care?

Absolutely. The day care service is open to both CSDM and EMSB students at FACE.

Note that the application of the CSDM language policy is somewhat relaxed at FACE. Instructors are told at the start of each year that children are permitted to talk with one another in both English and French. However, occasionally a new day care employee may not be aware of this convention. If you become aware of an issue regarding this, you are invited to contact Lise Leblanc, the FACE day care coordinator,, who can help clear things up.

Are the rates lower if I pick up my child early?

The governmental subsidies of the day care service are calculated by “blocks”: morning; lunch hour, after school/evening, and the parental contributions are correspondingly divided into blocks: “half-day/full day/lunch only”. Alternate day care schedule arrangements are not offered as they would entail further personnel costs, without additional subsidies to offset such costs.

There is one special case, which is available only to children with an older sibling in high school at FACE. If the older sibling finishes an hour after the younger one, the younger sibling has the option to spend this hour waiting in the day care reception area. They can use this time to do their homework, but no day care staff can help them, and they are not permitted to participate in day care activities. When the high school bell sounds, the they must leave with their older sibling.

Costs for professional development days

The price charged for day care on professional development days (PD days) has two parts: a base amount,
charged for attending daycare, and an additional part for the costs associated with any special activities planned by the day care for the such days. These activities can include outings, which may entail school bus rental, or other costs. As a result, the price charged for day care on such days can vary considerable.

Each year there are 20 PD days. Parents are always polled regarding the first three (in August) and the last three (in June); often there are very few children signed up for day care on these days, so they are “in-house” daycare days, with activities at FACE, organized by the day care employees.

Of the remaining 14 PD days, another 3 are typically in-house, with few children signed up. For the remaining 11, due to budgetary limits for staff relative to the number of day care attendees, it is usually necessary to hire sub-contractors to help organize the activities, whether they occur at FACE or elsewhere.

For all PD days, you may always choose not to have your child participate in the activity (this in particular means they stay at FACE, if the activity involves an outing). In this case you will not be charged the additional costs associated with the activity. In this case your child will usually be in a smaller group, but will be able to play in the school courtyard and with the games available within the day care facilities. In-house PD day activities are often organized in the gymnasia, so your child may not have access to the gym if they do not participate in the activity.

The Centre Multi-ethnique Saint Louis day care service, at 3555 Saint Urbain

This “off site” day care has space for around sixty FACE students. The day care’s employees pick up the children in the FACE courtyard after school, and walk with them to 3555 Saint Urbain, from where their parents then pick them up.

The CME Saint Louis daycare has the same PD day schedule as FACE school, but offers different activities and outings from the FACE day care.

Unlike the FACE day care, the CME Saint Louis daycare does not receive governmental subsidies. It was established by FACE parents, and continues to rely on their volunteer support for its management and governance.

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